If you are an undergraduate student with an entrepreneurial spark, apply to become a REAPster. We are looking for students with these skills:

Have you been experimenting with digital media technology and applications? Do you have experience with 3D animation or modelling, graphic design, Adobe Creative Suite, video editing, videography, photography or sound editing? Are you interested in exploring user experience (UX) design?

Interested in programming for the Oculus Rift or the new MS Kinect ONE?  Do you have coding experience with HTML5, Java, Python, MySQL, Php, C , C++?  We are also looking for people with  Machine to machine (M2M) device experience, Unity game engine development or 3D game environment modeling skills. Technical writing skills are also beneficial.

You are always thinking of new solutions and you want to learn how to turn those ideas into businesses.  Learn how to determine if your ideas are feasible, desirable and viable so that you can lead a team into a new sustainable business opportunity.  You want to learn about Marketing,  Business Strategies, Project Management and Team Leadership.

We are looking for smart, focused students for paid research assignments.  The work can be done part-time and the hours are flexible.

So contact REAP today with your resume and a cover letter about your skills and interests, so we can get you started with some paid research work. Please send your resume and cover letter to REAP.uw at Gmail dot com or you can reach us through our Contact Us page.

Former REAP student, now successful business owner, said “The time spent at the FELT Lab tinkering with interactive digital display technology (like Christie Digital MicroTiles) gave me an outlet for creative, hands-on experimentation that I would not have received from my undergrad alone.”

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