A little bit about REAPWaterloo

What is it?

Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity (REAP) sparks creative minds to explore the latest interactive, machine-to-machine, and digital display technologies, challenging students to build innovative business opportunities on top of our partners’  technologies

How we do it

REAP is a leader in platform entrepreneurship. Rather than building technologies from scratch, REAP students learn to make existing technologies do new things for new markets. In this way, REAPsters create new business opportunities for themselves while contributing to the ongoing success of our partners.

Where we do it

REAP is a research initiative within the University of Waterloo. Our main lab – called the Felt Lab – is hosted by one of our founding partners, Quarry Integrated Communications, in St. Jacobs.


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REAP strengthens Waterloo Region’s reputation as a hotbed of technical innovation, contributes directly to Ontario’s economic agenda, and supports Canada’s aspirations to be a world-leader in interactive, machine-to-machine, and digital technologies. We are glad to inform you that Canada managed to be one of the strongest competitors in the online gambling industry. If you want to be more well-informed about the online casinos in general, then follow this link. Discover the great geniality behind the casino bonuses.
As a living lab, REAP relies on its private and public sector partners to bring fresh insights, challenges, and opportunities to our teams. Along with support–equipment, funding, expertise, and mentorship–our partners bring a passion for bringing great ideas to market.

Interesting Collaborations

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Some interesting facts about us

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REAP is a non-credit research initiative at the University of Waterloo that pays undergraduate students to research and develop new uses and markets for various technologies and be a part of the youth entrepreneurship program. Arts-led, though not arts-exclusive, REAP employs students from all faculties for short and longer term projects. Click here for more.


Through paid research opportunities and group projects, students gain applied and practical experience in a variety of skills. These skills provide a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce or start their own business, simply because they were already a part of a graduate entrepreneurship programs. In fact, many of our REAPsters find employment working for our industry partners.


Initially, REAPsters work independently on a 2-3 week research assignment. Following one or more of these research ‘sprints’, students may be assigned to a team with other students to work on a longer term assignment and easily fit into the university entrepreneurship programs. Some of these projects have resulted in a business start-up for the student team.


REAP supports platform entrepreneurship from the ground up. From paying REAPsters to find viable, desirable, and feasible business ideas, to providing business plan writing, mentorship, and a bridge to further support systems, we help foster innovation and entrepreneurship in one of the most innovative cities in Canada. We offer many interesting university entrepreneurship programs.

Our Team

Let us introduce you to the people responsible for the entrepreneurship training program at REAPWaterloo:

Dr. Jill Tomasson Goodwin

Dr. Jill Tomasson Goodwin

REAPWaterloo Executive

Joy Smith

Joy Smith

Web Operations

Dr. David Goodwin

Dr. David Goodwin

REAPWaterloo Executive

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