Join our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Network!

You can’t talk about potentially disruptive technologies without including augmented and virtual reality in the conversation. These technologies could not only redefine how and where we work, but could impact the very nature  of the work we do.

With various headsets hitting the market over the new few months, the buzz around these technologies is at a fever pitch. In fact, our bi-monthly meet-ups are seeing an ever growing number of attendees in response; our last meet-up on May 3rd brought out almost 60 people who got to experience first-hand games and headset that haven’t even hit the market yet.

We are happy to share that by popular request, the meet-up will be going to a monthly format, with the location changing every other month. Details are still in the works for the location for next month’s meet-up, but if it pans out, a lot of people are going to be pretty excited! (*cough* beer, *cough* VR arcade)

A special thank you goes out to our talented and generous friends at Red Meat Games who sponsored the event and provided delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy. Another special shout-out goes to our friends of IMMY, who demo’d their hybrid augmented reality and virtual reality headset.  This headset is so advanced, it was originally developed for military grade purposes and projects the images you see right onto your retinas! IMMY also shared that they are planning on opening an office in Waterloo region in the near future, and several VR focused start-ups are looking for talent to help them scale up quickly. If you’re looking to get into VR professionally, now is a good time to join our growing network.