Felt Lab: Display Equipment

  • Christie MicroTiles
  • Christie DLP M-SeriieProjectors
  • Christie LCD Projector
  • Christie LCD Flat Panel – Thin Bezels
  • Christie Vista Spyder
  • GestureTek Cube
  • Harris InfoCaster
  • iMac
  • iPad
  • Newtek TriCaster

Christie MicroTiles

MicroTiles are essentially projectors-in-a-box. Each tile is a self-contained projector that is able to synchronize with other tiles to ensure that they present a unified image across one or more tiles.

You do not have to assemble them into a rectangular format.

They can be used to create any arrangement of display canvas and can be scaled from one single tile to any number of tiles in any arrangement.

The content of the tiles can be designed to match the shape of the tile design.

The tiles are RGB which means you have a full spectrum of colour at your disposal.

Technology Specifications

Tile Size 16x12x10 inches
Resolution 720×540 pixels
Aspect Ratio 4:3


Christie DLP M-Series Projectors

We have two Christie M-Series Projectors in the Felt Lab. They can be used for rear-projection and front-projection.

We have been using the projector for a projection mapping projection in the Felt lab. The projector itself provides a vibrant image as do all Christie Digital projectors, but the image manipulation for the projection mapping is done by the software processing the images.

Christie LCD Projector

Our Christie Digital LCD projector provides crisp, rich high quality projection images.

It has been installed using a mount attached to the ceiling in the Felt Lab.

Cables from the projector lead across the ceiling and down the side wall. There are two cables–with either an HDMI and VGA connectors that can be used to plug into a laptop or other display device.

It is a Christie Digital presentation projector which provides gorgeous colour and projection resolution and intensity.

Christie Digital LCD Flat Panel – Thin Bezels

Christie Digital LCD Flat Panel Thin Bezels are incredibly high resolution HD LCD panels with extremely narrow edges. The LCD planels are 55″ across the diagonal and with the thin edges, they can be assembled into walls of display panels.

They are heavy and fragile, so they are not recommended for moving during a stage performance unless they are built into a solid structure on wheels. The set of 4 thin bezels that we have in the lab are arranged in portrait mode and installed in extremely solid heavy duty rack.

The rack allows us to add display around the tiles to create a display that integrates the frame into the display. For trade shows, this means that your marketing space around the displays can be made to be consistent with the display content and extend your brand beyond the monitor.

Remember when planning to use the thin bezels that you will still have some space between the displays. When using all 4 of our displays together, there will be a line down the centre of your image display. Design accordingly!

Christie Vista Spyder

The Christie Vista Spyder is one of the most powerful graphic processor products on the market.  It is able to take in up to 8 video feeds and push them through to up to 8 display devices and projectors.  It also supports the ability to create a large, continuous integrated display canvas through the use of blended projection.

The Vista Spyder does not change the content of the video feeds, but it is able to manipulate and control and schedule the content.

The starting point is to define a display canvas that matches the dimensions of your output “surface”.  This canvas can be any digital image that matches the dimensions of the “surface”.  The layout of the videos are designed to fit within the canvas “Surface” design.

The display script can be designed and controlled through the Vista Spyder interface.

GestureTek Cube

The GestureTek Cube is a wonderful turnkey solution that makes it possible for individuals to create their own interactive floor experience. It is relatively simple to set up the images and particle effects to play through a script of interactive displays with special effects.

It is a very durable, portable and customizable consumer-level product that can go anywhere and is easy to customize. You can imagine using it in an area where children need to be distracted such as hospital waiting rooms. The benefit of the digital display reduces concerns about spreading germs too.

It is also possible to daisy-chain a series of cubes to create a long display with projection edges blended together.

How-To Videos

Technology Specifications

Size 7ft x 5ft
Resolution 1280×800 pixels


There are multiple components to the InfoCaster software–Creator, Manager, Punctuate, and Player–which allow you to create the layout of digital signage with multiple display zones. These tools enable the production of dynamic digital signage from a central control point. Harris Infocaster is used to control displays such as the CP24 news channel and the 7/11 convenience store in-house broadcast signage. It is also used for large scale glance-media displays in public venues such as sports stadiums and conference centers.


The Creator allows a user to create and edit a projects page layout, content, and scheduling. It has a graphics generator which allows for creativity and good composition in designing text and graphics. The application has a drag and drop interface which makes it easy to use, and allows a user to see what the final product will look like as you create it. For those who something simpler to create, there are pre-loaded templates, backgrounds, and design elements.


The Manager is the network management component which looks after the content for multiple displays. The manager determines what displays the presentation is intended for, and when it needs to arrive there. Different InfoCaster Manager software can be purchased depending on how many player devices you need to manage.


Punctuate manages the schedule and placing of content for digital signage networks. This software solution allows for effective targeting of a specific audience through good add placement and appropriate, engaging advertisements for a specific consumer set. It provides business management with the ability to oversee their digital signage network through inventory control, invoicing, campaign management, content approval and the like. Punctuate is unique in that it can tag signs with specific attributes and adjust the advertisements in that location because of them–resulting in more finely tuned advertising.


The Player software takes content from multiple sources and delivers it to thousands of remote displays over a widespread network. Individual players in the network have the ability to display different information from the same data source. Different players can be purchased which vary in size, channel capacity, performance, and cost.


Through the generosity of Conestoga College’s School of Media and Design (SOMAD) the lab provides access to Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro so that you have access to the tools that you need to build your skills and create digital experiences. The iMac and workstation are also provided by the SOMAD program.


We are currently using the mobile devices to experiment with Augmented Reality experiences and prototyping interface designs for mobile applications. The devices are loaded with a wide assortment of applications that give you an opportunity to explore a variety of touch device interface alternatives.

Newtek TriCaster

Right out of the box, TriCaster 855 is a complete, integrated solution for pros delivering big, live productions in native, full-resolution HD. With a fully loaded, 24-channel switcher, whopping eight-source ISO recording, and the world’s most powerful integrated effects system (can you say 3D?), your productions shine. The hardware control surface is a highly responsive console for hands-on navigation of the system UI, giving you another choice for driving your live productions. Plus, you get additional video, graphics, animations, and virtual sets to help you meet today’s viewer demands, in a highly competitive marketplace.