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Creating your own opportunities means being ahead of the competition. Our digital sandbox gives access to the most current and interesting emerging technologies, while our Fellows provide guidance and support.

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Name of the Equipment Description of Equipment
GestureTek Cube Turnkey Interactive Floor Projection
GestureTek Illuminate Table Infrared multi-touch display and computer
Screen Xtreme Infrared camera digitizes viewer and integrates image into projection to interact with display
Microtiles Projection “cubes” that allow for non-rectangular large display surfaces from Christie Digital Technology
Thin Bezels Large narrow bezel displays that can be integrated into a single display from Christie Digital Technology
Interactivity Kit Infrared frame designed to scale with MicroTiles and provide (x,y) interactivity coordinates from Christie Digital Technology
Christie Digital DS+750 Projectors High performance projectors
Kommerz MRI Multi-display, interactive table that transforms 2D touch surface into 3D projection experience
2 HP Envy Laptops, 1 MSI Laptop Gaming laptops installed with Unity and capable of rendering graphics and videos
3 iMac Computers with Adobe Suite/td> Desktop computers with various creative suites installed to develop digital media & sound media assets
Ipad 4, Google Nexus Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab II, BlackBerry Playbook Mobile iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices used for interactive apps
Intuos Wacom Tablet Professional design tablet used in animation, graphic editing and rendering, and photography
Botiful Small remote control robot that carries a camera/phone and responds to Skype commands
Livescribe Digital Pen Digital pen that transfers handwritten notes into digital and records audio linked to location on paper of written notes
Thalmic Labs MYO biometric armbands control devices hands-free with the power of gesture
Structure Sensor A portable scanner that easily clips to the iPad 4 to take 3D scans of objects and rooms
Oculus Rift Versions 1 & 2 Virtual Reality helmets that allows wearer to have immersive 3D digital experiences
Meta Glasses Wearable goggles that augment your reality with associated applications and unique SDK
Palette Gear Snap-together sliders, dials and buttons for intuitive and custom control of various software.
Sound Shower Parabolic speaker that creates a cone of sound to minimize on noise pollution and create a more immersive experience
SoundLazer handheld parabolic speaker with API allows you to experiment and transmit sound with extreme focus over long distances
Kinect Camera Versions 1 & 2 Kinect cameras with device drivers that can run without xBox or GestureTek controllers
Panasonic Camera Powerful digital camera with infrared sensors for interactive controls
Emotiv & Muse EEG Readers Emotiv and Interaxon Muse both read EEG brain waves for training, and application development
Vista Spyder Large-scale projection controller with 8 video inputs and configurable display designs
FLOAT4 Realmotion interactive system Digital out-of-home signage systems display development and presentation platform provides procedural graphics manipulation based on interactive controls
Derivative TouchDesigner Procedural graphics processing software (multi-purpose – used for Projection Mapping)
GestureTek Dazzler Software used to configure interactive projection experiences with images, videos and particles
GestureTek HandTracker Software and controller that allows for integrating hand gesture controls into software applications
Adobe Creative Suite Full Adobe Creative Suite software package for developing digital media assets
Unity Software development kit for developing Augmented Reality applications, gaming applications and interactive 3D experiences
Content Interface Corporation 3D media software which turns any type of digital content into an immersive experience
Storyboard Create e-learning modules easily with this program. No coding necessary