REAP is a non-credit research initiative at the University of Waterloo that pays undergraduate students to research and develop new uses and markets for various technologies and be a part of the youth entrepreneurship program. Arts-led, though not arts-exclusive, REAP employs students from all faculties for short and longer term projects. Click here for more.


Through paid research opportunities and group projects, students gain applied and practical experience in a variety of skills. These skills provide a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce or start their own business, simply because they were already a part of a graduate entrepreneurship programs. In fact, many of our REAPsters find employment working for our industry partners.


Initially, REAPsters work independently on a 2-3 week research assignment. Following one or more of these research ‘sprints’, students may be assigned to a team with other students to work on a longer term assignment and easily fit into the university entrepreneurship programs. Some of these projects have resulted in a business start-up for the student team.


REAP supports platform entrepreneurship from the ground up. From paying REAPsters to find viable, desirable, and feasible business ideas, to providing business plan writing, mentorship, and a bridge to further support systems, we help foster innovation and entrepreneurship in one of the most innovative cities in Canada. We offer many interesting university entrepreneurship programs.