Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity | New Toys in the Lab

The leaves may be falling, and everything may be preparing to sleep, but things are ramping up here at the lab with new technology being delivered to the lab weekly. Here’s an overview of our new equipment:

Structure Sensor

We’re happy to introduce the Structure Sensor, a compact and portable attachment for your iPad that scans rooms and turns the objects into 3D assets for your use with various programs. The application can take your data and turn it into a number of visualizations which in addition to 3D, also includes infrared, depth, and color.

The application also allows you to share assets over your wireless connection so that you display an object from your iPad to your computer immediately.

Myo Armband

Wearables have been touted to be the future of technology, and no other wearable has had so much excitement surrounding it. The Myo armband allows you to interact with a variety of devices through the use of gestures. Using the muscles of your forearm, you can control applications on your computer from far way, allowing a greater range of interactions that touch can’t provide. Imagine controlling your PowerPoint presentation from across the room with the swipe of a hand.

Though it’s early in development, the applications of this compact and inconspicuous device are just starting to be explored.


Apptui is an application for your smartphone that allows you to turn it into a remote control for various applications and websites. Want to interact with your computer through your phone with Apptui’s mouse option? Or look up a show on Netflix on your SmartTV using the keyboard feature? Simply download the app onto your desktop, browser and mobile phone and it will automatically sync your devices.

Want to see our equipment in action? Join us for our lunch and learn at noon to see some of our REAPsters demo each one.