What does REAP offer industry partners?

First, a chance to have young, talented minds innovate with your products and services, especially if they involve interactive display environments and applications. If your business involves a screen or supports screens with software or media, and helps people can look, touch, speak, gesture, or even move objects on screens, we’re interested in exploring with you the next generation of innovation and business opportunities.

Second, a chance to network and partner with other businesses in the IDEA (interactive display environment and applications) space.

Third, a chance to cultivate and recruit the smartest, most innovative, and business-minded students in Waterloo Region. Our students learn to bring together creativity, technology, and business by gathering insight, building and testing while working with professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced business people.

Founding Partners

Founding Partners provide extensive support for REAP: funding, state-of-the-art equipment, a brand new innovation lab (Felt), marketing communications, and business advice. We are proud to have Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc. and Quarry Integrated Communications as our two Founding Partners.

Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners provide local support for REAP: many are startups or smaller businesses looking to enter the interactive display sector, have our students innovate with their products or innovate on top of their platforms. Our Supporting Partners are crucial to REAP’s success: by donating their early-stage technologies and technical support, these partners allow our students to build businesses for emerging markets.