Felt Lab: Interactivity Equipment

Christie Interactivity Kit for MicroTiles

The Interactivity Kit uses a 2D Infrared Coordinate frame for MicroTiles or any surface. With the Interactivity Kit, it is possible to build a rectangular frame shape that can allow a person to interact on a display anywhere in the view of the actor. Imagine a projection on the backdrop of a stage set and an actor drawing something in the air within the frame space. The drawing can appear on the projection as if the person was touching the surface of the backdrop.

The Illuminate table is a multi-touch surface that is able to keep track of and interpret up to 32 touch points. Around the edge of the table, there are Infrared Detectors that provide the 2D interactive touch coordinates into the program. If you can code it, the table can run it.

Technology Specifications

Size Length: 48.5 in
Width: 22 in
Depth: 6 in
Diagonal: 42 in
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels

GestureTek ScreenXtreme

ScreenXtreme immersive interactive display technology has revolutionized interactive advertising and entertainment in public spaces. This new advertising technology for digital signs and displays uses real-time body tracking and face tracking to place a person’s dynamic digital image onto any video projection display, interactive advertising signage or interactive window.

GestureTek’s patented digital signage software for gesture-recognition and body-tracking offers an immersive interface that brings an immersive projection to life. Users manipulate dynamic interactive digital sign content and immersive interactive displays just by moving their hands and body. They actually see themselves onscreen in an immersive environment as they control immersive advertising, games and interactive special effects.

Microsoft Kinect Camera

Video images as controllers has evolved to use 3D infrared for depth sensing. The 3D depth sensing technology allows the system to focus on the body that is in the infrared recognition zone and eliminate other people or background objects.

  • No Green Screen background required
  • Video camera plus 3D infrared sensors make it possible to capture the image of the person in the 3D zone that has been defined/calibrated and eliminate all other background noise.
  • The image of the person or object in the 3D detection space is then integrated into a graphic image scene.
  • The IMAGE of the person/object then becomes the interactive “device” within the graphic image scene.
  • As the image moves, it interacts with objects in the image and trigger sound, movement or transition. Imagine that the video image becomes a mouse cursor.
  • EXAMPLE: an actor on a stage can step into the camera 3D motion detection space and trigger action in the projected or displayed image. Imagine the movements of a dancer triggering fireworks or sparkles to fly off in different directions.