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As a student in the Global Business and Digital Arts program at the University of REAPWaterloo, I am always looking for opportunity to learn various technologies, and mashing them up in new and interesting ways. This is why I was extremely excited when my friend and classmate Filip Jadczak shared with me his experience working as a REAPster with REAP. When I learned that I would be paid to experiment with and learn about new technologies, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

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Technology Enhances the Art Experience at Art-Mersion

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Guest Post by Jennifer Janik Art-Mersion is an event that was created to explore new ways to experience a deeper understanding of a piece of art through technology. When we heard that Amy Ferrari was going to create a new exhibit called “Serene Yellow Spaces,” we gathered a team and started brainstorming what we could do to communicate beyond just the surface view of her paintings. The team consisted of students, artists and experienced technology. There are many things that are showing the progress of advanced technology, and digital experiences as well. This progress impacts every field, and the gambling industry is no different. When online casinos first entered the market, players needed to download the software so they can play casino games. But now, technology makes it easier to play your favorite casino games. Player’s safety is the number one priority when making the choice, and currently, it’s not easy to find a trusted and reputable online casinos in Canada. Read reviews from experts and find the one that suits you most, with the best benefits and bonus promotions.



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You wouldn’t expect this to be the main piece of advice given by the very people of Mechdyne Corporation –  a company built first on a passion for technology. But this was the key take-away offered by Jeff Brum, a Technical Sales Consultant with the company.

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The Waterloo AR/VR Meetup Group

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Post by REAPster Bernie Roehl For the past six months, REAP has been running a Meetup group on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We’ve had a number of interesting presentations, ranging from the Myo armband (presented by one of its developers!), an overview of various software packages for creating avatars, a look back at the Kinect Hackathon and an in-depth examination of the Virtual Human Toolkit. Not a bad start! Read more about university entrepreneurship programs.

Can Art and Technology create Global Empathy at 2015 United Nations’ Climate Change Conference?

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MaRs Studio Y  Fellows and graduates, Scott Baker and Ross Curtner, partnered with REAP for a Thinkering event on Friday. The co-founders of Adjacent Possibilities, Scott and Ross challenged REAP to propose out-of-the-box ideas in preparation for the 2015 United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in November. Their challenge to REAP? To use a specific technology  — Muse  —  a headband that turns sensed brainwaves into a feedback and training tool, to create empathy-based art that will highlight. You might be interested in reading a post about Waterloo entrepreneurship.


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REAP tag team – art and technology build a virtual greeter

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The Felt Lab is about to introduce a new team member. With pleasure, REAPWaterloo introduce Avi. She is not a usual greeter who will guide you about the lab. Avi is digital presence, built out of lines of code, and gaming-style animation. But she is particularly savvy. Not only will she welcome you to the space, but she is advanced enough to interact with you. If you are interested in Entrepreneurship in Canada, follow this link.


REAP professional Matt Neill’s UI to release first community built app

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In software there a saying about people who are considered talent: “Smart and gets things done.” Recently, REAP professional Matt Neill became the talk of the startup community for an excellent design created for local startup Dandy. Dandy is a platform that matches ideas through a community to build more successful mobile apps. Users can sign up and contribute in meaningful ways to increase the development and design of apps across several mobile platforms.


REAP Enables Art at IMPACT

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Artist Dwight Storring experimenting with projecting on glass block at the Felt Lab. Downtown Kitchener is a place of great transition. It is a city that is transitioning from to a new identity. Our population is changing through immigration, secondary immigration and settling refugees. Our artists are also changing and beginning to tell the stories of these changes. Long time Kitchener resident and emerging artist Dwight Storring is not new to digital storytelling practice.