Apptui connects children to literacy at CBC Kids event

On March 8, 2014, Apptui joined forces with the CBC  to present a new game using their technology. About 60 children played Popwords at the CBC Kids event at THEMUSEUM.

Popwords used four iPads that controlled submarines on a digital display. The children would use the iPad to navigate the submarines, that were colour coordinated to the iPad interface, through bubbles with letters. The goal was to pop the bubbles that contained the letters that would form words. This game aimed at preschoolers didn’t require the words being spelled out in order, but instead that the letters required would assemble the word when they were popped.

Apptui serves to turn smart devices like phones into a remote control. In this case, it was used as a gesture controlled game. But Apptui isn’t limited to games. One of the many possible consumer facing applications is using Apptui as a remote control. A Netflix viewer can sit on sofa with a media server connected to a television, and use the Apptui app to navigate and control Netflix with their smartphone or tablets.

CBC Kids partnered with Apptui to support the use of this software in public spaces as a lighthouse partner to create a path to market with viable practical examples of the technology on a national stage. Apptui was developed with support from the Canadian Media Fund. CBC Kids worked with THEMUSEUM to create this day and provided a multiplayer game to it’s audience.

“We were excited to get out there and have a first event. Our technology was loved by the kids – they wanted to come up and play. No one was scared of it. They readily jumped in to play,” said Dan Clark – founder of Apptui. The platform was so easy to use that children readily rallied around the game to get a chance to play. If you want to become a young entrepreneur follow this link and find out how you can apply.