REAPWaterloo is happy to announce that both the commercial version of Oculus Rift, and our much anticipated Giroptic 360 Camera have arrived to the Felt Lab! This means that these technologies are available to play, experiment, and innovate on.

The Giropic 360 Camera is a new type of camera that instantly captures photos and video from all angles simultaneously. Powered by the GIROPTIC 360 Virtual Sensor Technology, the 360cam is the first and only 360 camera able to record full spherical photos and videos as either a .jpg or .mp4 file, without any software or post-processing. This allows for quick and immersive viewing in virtual environments.

Want to give our new technologies a try? We hold Open Lab days every Friday between 10am – 4pm, so come in and check out our new virtual reality station to see what is cutting edge in VR. If days don’t work for you, we also host a bi-monthly VR/AR Meetup at the lab. Our most recent meetup was on September 27th, so while we don’t have an event scheduled for October, we’ll be announcing our next meetup for November soon. So stay tuned for our next meetup announcement! Follow this link and stay updated about all event announcements.