Welcome to REAP

A research initiative within the University of Waterloo’s Canadian Centre of Arts and Technology, REAP brings academic and private-sector partners together to explore new technologies – especially those involving interactivity, responsiveness and digital display environments – to spark research entrepreneurship.  If a technology has a screen – as small as a Blackberry’s or large as a display wall – we’re interested in creating new, compelling, and interactive experiences for people. REAP’s entrepreneurship model facilitates and supports new student business opportunities by helping students to combine existing and emerging technologies in innovative ways.

REAP’s research entrepreneurs are undergraduate students from across all faculties of Canada’s most innovative university – the University of Waterloo. Students with an array of creative and technical backgrounds gain real-world experience – in design thinking, technology and business – giving them a distinct competitive advantage after graduation.

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Augmented Reality Marker for LAYAR

Download the LAYAR app on your iOS device, Android or BB10 device and use the camera to view this image.  Tap on the screen to initialize the Augmented Reality experience. From there, you can play a video about REAP along with other interactive options.



Canadian Centre for Arts and Technology

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